Weisz Steiner (ワイズ・シュタイナー Waizu Shutainā) is an elderly professor and a former thief from Planet Norma. He is also Rebecca and Happy's benefactor.


In the present timeline, Weisz Steiner is an elderly man with gray hair pulled back, black eyes, and a scruffed goatee. He also possesses a right mechanical arm.

The younger Weisz is a slim young man with black eyes and short blond hair with his bangs on his right side. His initial outfit consists of a long-sleeved, light-blue lab coat with a wide high collar, an inner turtleneck, and dark-colored shoulder pads. Underneath is a short-sleeved white shirt with black sleeves, sports dark-colored trousers, and tall white boots.[1]



In their own timeline, Weisz Steiner is a Professor from the planet Norma. On the planet Blue Garden in the past, he helped a young Rebecca save her friend's life by using the Ether Gear Machine Maker to reconfigure the mortally wounded Happy into a machine.[2]


Norma arcEdit

When Rebecca, Happy and Shiki arrived on the planet Norma to find Professor Weisz Steiner, they went to his home, but found it missing. Suddenly out of nowhere, they are met by an unfamiliar young man holding a gun pointed at them. When they asked him where the professor went, he told them that he was Weisz Steiner, which confusing them both.[3].

Skull Fairy arcEdit

Guilst arcEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Machina Maker Arm

Weisz's left arm when activating his ether gear.

Machina Maker (マキナ・メイカー Makina Meikā): By using Ether Gear, Weisz can control and manipulate machines. He is able to change or remodel all kinds of machines, such as upgrading a ship[4] and recreate E.M. Pino's missing leg.[5]

  • Million Bullets: Weisz touches the floor and modifies it to create numerous guns that he can activate remotely and fire at a selected target.[6]
  • Atlas Flame: Weisz touches and modifies his weapon it into a flamethrower that shoots a large stream of flames.


Assault Rifle: Weisz carries an assault rifle which he uses his Machina Maker to modify into a flamethrower.


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