Sister Ivry (シスター・イヴリィ, Shisutā Ivurī), known as the "Life of Edens", is a machine and one of the Four Shining Stars that manage Edens Zero.[1][2]


Sister Ivry appears to be a young woman with long hair. She is wearing a nun's habit.[2]


Sister Ivry is rather short tempered as she violently kicked her impersonator for stealing her identity and threatened to destroy and rebuild her over and over.[3] Nevertheless, she can be friendly to her allies and she has shown to be grateful to Shiki and his friends for rescuing her.[4] She is also quite teasing, as shown when she made fun of Shiki's physique and she joked about Witch sounding older after 10 years.[5][6]

Despite her laid back attitude, Sister Ivry is dutiful as she was determined to complete the task that she vowed to accomplish 10 years ago.[7]


10 years ago, Sister Ivry was tasked with freeing the B-Cubers that were petrified in Illega Tower. Before she could accomplish the task, Sister Ivry was captured by Sister and had her powers and identity stolen by her.[8]


Guilst arcEdit

Sister Ivry was found strapped to a machine by Weisz and Homura. They proceeded to free her and lead her to Shiki and her impersonator.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Healing: According to Witch, Sister Ivry has the ability to heal living and mechanical beings.[9]

Dispel Driver (ディスペルドライバー Disuperu Doraibā): Sister Ivry uses this ability to reverse the petrification that all of the B-Cubers in Illega Tower are afflicted by.[10]


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