The Intro arc is the first story arc of Edens Zero.

Shiki is a boy who's always dreamed of making new friends from outside the Granbell Kingdom, his amusement park home filled with robots. He gets his wish when two young adventurers Rebecca and her talking blue cat, Happy come looking for interesting things to record for their B-Cube channel. So begins the tale of Shiki Granbell, who learns the world beyond Granbell is far bigger than he could have possibly imagined.


Under the night sky, a young boy named Shiki and two machines, the Demon King and Michael are watching a shooting star pass by. The Demon King tells Shiki the star is a dragon, while Michael says its a comet, much to Demon King's amusement. He then tells Shiki that one day, he should leave their home and see new lands and make all sorts of friends, calling them the most important thing in the world because they'll have your back and that if they cry for you, to never let them go. Shiki thinks he is talking about Michael, who says machines can't cry because they don't have hearts, to which Demon King says everyone has a heart no matter who they are.



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Intro arc
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