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• 7/1/2018

Character confusion;!!!!!!

I think Shiki is son of Natsu, in many reviews they say that Shiki has got looks like Natsu but has hair colour like Grey but I think he has got Natsu's original hair colour which is like Derek because when Natsu was resurrected his hair color changed into pink or red.
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• 7/2/2018
I know what your thinking but its not really related to FT
It's probally like an alternate universe coz there are lots
easter eggs

you'll see what I mean

Eden's Zero :: Chapter 2 :: Jaimini's Box
Eden's Zero :: Chapter 2 :: Jaimini's Box Jaimini's Box
• 7/12/2018
Natsu's hair was actually always pink.
Also, Mashima already said that Edens Zero is unrelated to Fairy Tail
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